New Work and New Ways

Over the past few months I’ve been working with new materials. It’s not complicated to grow as an artist, sometimes it is just using different materials, colors, or setting to get a new result. I’ve been working on oil pastel drawings and loving the immediacy of the work. Blending the colors is quick and easy and fits with the aesthetic I’m looking for. Then, I starting oil painting again after about 25 years of using acrylic. Now my oil painting is set to grow and evolve into something new.

I’m wanting my work to be authentic. My aesthetic should match my idea I’m trying to represent. For example, if I want to represent personal reflection (for me) this is messy and inconsistent. My own reflection has been on personal growth and personal health. About a year ago I quit drinking. This has led to many changes and personal reflection. It is messy but with a direction. I’m looking for ways to represent what makes me feel what I call “Chill”. This is when I am at ease and comfortable, this is when I feel my best. In some circles, such as addiction recovery, they ask people to find a higher power (not necessarily a god figure). My higher power is this “chill”. During my personal reflection in the past year I’ve discovered that I need to pursue this “chill” in all aspects of my life. This means daily exercise, not drinking, eating healthy (most of the time), and being with family.

Chill - My Chill is something like riding a wave on a surfboard. I need to find a way to get balance in all situations and adjust and be flexible as things come my way. In my art I am looking for ways to represent this. When I use a large group of people I’m looking how they can be balanced and working together to create a beautiful group. When I am working on something more abstract I’m working with colors and lines to create waves and also create balance. When I create one or two characters interacting with each other I’m looking for ways to create tension and balance.

I suppose this is why I can always be making new art.

I will always be pursuing my chill.