More than just a walk in the woods

I just finished our first art crawl post-pandemic restrictions. Everyone registered to come to the studio building and wore masks etc. It was a surprise to me that it worked out so well and so many people showed up.

My work has changed quite a lot recently and it was noticed. There are many reasons why my work has changed. I started using oil paint again. I’m older and was ready for a change. I could go on and on. I shared different reasons with guests in my studio all weekend.

The real reason though. I quit drinking.

Since I quit drinking nature has been an anchor in my life. I often get up early (5 am) and go for a walk in silence. It’s my favorite part of the day. I listen to birds, watch the light start the day. The color of the trees and sky amazes and entertains me. I simply adore the beauty in nature. Something else happens when I can be quiet in nature too. Peace. I’m able to just be and enjoy what is around.

When I would even have one drink it seemed like life was going fast. My mind was racing and I couldn’t hold a thought. I would race through my day and not even know what season it was. I wasn’t connected.

So recently I took an early morning walk in the woods by our house. It was light but the sun was just starting to peak through the trees and over the horizon. I took a few pictures for a painting but forgot to take more and just walked in silence and enjoyed.



Here is the painting. The Woods. So very dear and important to me. The blue cool underbrush slowing being taken over by the pink sun creeping down. I swear trees are a different color in the morning, the light is different, they are warm!

I never would have noticed all this before I quit drinking. My art was chaotic and loud.

Today I need softer things. I need spring trees with young leaves shaking in the morning breeze. I need warm trees and early morning light. I need silence and softness. Room to breathe and be.

Just be.

More than just a walk in the woods – The Woods.