About Eddie Hamilton

Eddie Hamilton’s work is oil paintings and acrylic paintings but also includes mixed media on wood panel. His direct and playful work primarily represents the emotion, energy, and interactions of people in their communities. Eddie’s paintings are developed after research and reflection on the concept to be represented. Currently, his work is representing ideas related to individuals confronting life’s fears and how emotions around these ideas look.

Acrylics are used because of the ability to quickly apply and layer these materials resulting in a continuous flow of work often completed in one sitting. Oil painting allows for a more serene and smooth look. His color palette is strongly influenced by his childhood outside in the dry sun of Southern California. The emotion of his figures has roots in his observations of how people navigate their lives and their communities. 

Eddie paints out of his studio in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. He works as a Special Education Teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools and lives in South Minneapolis with his wife and three young children. Eddie most recently was a featured presenter at TEDx Gull Lake 2017. 

Eddie Hamilton

Twitter: @painteddiepaint
Facebook: @EddieHamiltonArt